SkyPro M6 VTOL


VTOL Hybrid: Fixed Wing + Quad Rotor


The SkyPro M6 is a hybrid drone system combining the best features of rotor and fixed wing, as well as electric and gasoline propulsion, the M6 changes the way UAV’s takeoff, operate, and land. M6 is the merger of precision hover and takeoff/landing capabilities of a multi-rotor with the endurance and stability of a fixed wing design.

Taking off and landing as a copter, while cruising as a full fixed wing aircraft, the M6 is safe, reliable, easy to operate, and highly versatile.

  • Propulsion for forward flight: Internal Combustion Engine or Electric
  • Propulsion for hover: 4 Electric Brushless Motors
  • Takeoff and landing: Automatic VTOL
  • Flight duration: Up to 6 hours with the Gasoline Engine and 2 Hours with the Electric Motor
  • Flight Travel: 120 km to 430km
  • Payload: 40X Continuous Optical Zoom Day Camera and 25mm Lens Thermal Camera
  • 1 Single Operator can operator the whole missions



The M6 is available in 2 versions, full electric motors or with a gasoline powered UAV which certainly has more flight time than an electric one, due to the far superior power to weight ratio of fuel.

M6 UAV unique VTOL system adds an important layer of safety by constantly monitoring the main engine. In case of an emergency, the VTOL system will immediately hover the aircraft and bring it to a safe landing.

Model M6 -350 VTOL

Hybrid Electric Gasoline VTOL

Full Electric VTOL


Flight Endurance

6+ hours

Up to 2 Hours

Flight Travel (Cruise Speed 20ms)

430 km

120 km

Fuel Tank Capacity



Propulsion for forward flight

Gasoline Engine

Electric Brushless Motor

Max Payload

1.5 kg

1 Kg


Up to 60 Km

VTOL Propulsion

4 x Electric Brushless Motor

Min-Max cruising speed

65 -75 km/hr

Max Speed

110 km/h

Cruising Altitude

100m to 1500m

Max Altitude (ASL)


Wind Resistance Crosswind (VTOL & Cruise)

20 Knots


360° Coverage with 40X Lens & 25mm Thermal Camera

Operational Temperature

-10/ +55C


Full Control, Telemetry and Real-Time Video

Total Setup time

< 10 minutes


Easy to Assemble, Disassemble and Transport


Vertical Takeoff


Vertical Landing





Max Takeoff weight

16 -19 kg

Portable Carrying Case

 (165 x 55 x 33) cm


Portable Carrying Case: (165 x 55 x 33) cm



SkyPro UAV (Offshore) s.a.l


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London: +44 1212 868687


         Address: Sheikh Zayed Road

         Nassima Tower, 4th & 5th Floors

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