Safety and Security Features

RF Communications: protected by multiple layers of encryption, scrambling and data packet signing:

  • Telemetry 2-way datalink: FHSS scrambling + Packet signing
  • Video Downlink: ABS32, AES128/256



Autopilot Redundancy And Safety

  • Triple-redundant IMU sensors to increase precision and add redundancy
  • Redundant Autopilot Power Supply
  • Fully autonomous with fail-safe: In the unlikely event of a fault or control link loss, the UAV can automatically return and land
  • Stall and fault protection: Parachute or immediate VTOL activation



Software Safety Features

  • GCS Automatic flight plan, profile checks: Checks elevation of terrain, pre-flight checks
  • Protected Operating System Partition: GCS OS partition is protected by a special driver

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